A Proud Record of Achievements

Projects Completed


Description of Work Year Contractor Cost (Millions)
Laboratory Equipment Installation for GEO Science Laboratories – Islamabad. 1991 Sumitomo Corporation 0.75
Temporary Facility (Electrical & Plumbing) Genetic Resources Laboratory – Islamabad. 1992-93 Tobishima Corporation 0.85
Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing work for Genetic Resources Laboratory – Islamabad. 1992-93 Sanyo Engineering 2.5
Electrical & Plumbing work for (109 Units) for Federal Government Housing at G-11, Islamabad. 1991-94 REDCO Islamabad 3.6
Designing and Fiction work for Japanese School at Diplomatic Enclave – Islamabad. 1995-96 Tobishima Corporation 4.8
Electrical & Plumbing works – extension of Visa Section at Embassy of Japan Islamabad. 1993 Sanyo Engineering 1.2
Electrical & Plumbing works – Renovation work at Embassy of Japan – Islamabad. 1994 Tobishima Corporation 3.0
Electrical & Plumbing work for Angiography Department in P.I.M.S – Islamabad. 1994-95 PACE International 1.5
Installation of NEC Exchanges in 17 different Cities in Pakistan. 1995 Sumitomo Corporation 8.3
Rewiring entire Electrical Power system, Light system and Installation of new LT. Panels at Japan Embassy-Islamabad. 1996 Tobishima Corporation 7.5
Installation & Commissioning of 230KVA Gen. Set at Japan Embassy – Islamabad. 1996 Tobishima Corporation 3.5
Electrical & AC installation work. Motorized Main Gate & Hydraulic Vehicle barrier at Embassy of Japan Islamabad. 1996 Tobishima Corporation 4.75
Electrical & Plumbing works for Teacher Training College – Abbottabad. 1995-96 Sanyo Engineering 7.9
Electrical & Plumbing Works for 30 Nos Primary Schools at NWFP. 1995-97 Tobishima Corporation 16.5
Replacement of L.T Panel, Distribution Boards, installation of 200KVA, AVR, & Installation of Telephone system at Japan Embassy – Islamabad. 1997 Tobishima Corporation 4.5
CCTV System for O.E.C.F Islamabad. 1999 O.E.C.F Islamabad 0.8
LAN, CCTV work & Installation of step down Transformer for Japan Embassy – Islamabad. 1999 Sanyo Engineering 6.75
Electrical works for Mother & Child Health Care at P.I.M.S – Islamabad. 1998-99 Sanyo Engineering 7.5
Electrical works phase -II OPD department for Mother & Child health care at PIMS – Islamabad. 1999-90 Sanyo Engineering 4.7
Grounding System Installation for Tel. Exchanges at various locations in Pakistan 1999 Zhongxing 1.0
Electrical work at Japan Embassy-Islamabad. (Renovation & new constructions) 1999 Sanyo Engineering 5.6
HVAC &Plumbing work at Japan Embassy (Renovator & new Constructions) 1999 Shinryo Corporation 3.8
Electrical, Air-conditioning, Plumbing & CCTV works for School & Hostel at AL-Huda International. 1999 Al Huda Intl. Islamabad 7.7
Installation of Generator, Electrical (power, light) Air Conditioning & Communication work for NIPA House -Islamabad. 1999 NIPA House Islamabad 8.5
Technical support to JICA team for testing of Substation equipment at Children Hospital EMS -Islamabad. 1999 JICA Islamabad 0.3
Miscellaneous Electrical work for JICA at various location of NWFP (Installation of Generator, Change Over Panel 200KVA, AVR) 1999 JICA Islamabad 0.7
Electrical & Mechanical work for new building at Embassy of Japan Islamabad. 1999-92 Tobishima Corporation 6.7
Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC work at residence and renovation of Japanese Consulate – Karachi. 2000 Tobishima Corporation 4.9
Testing of Laboratory equipment for Pakistan Genetic Research Institute – Islamabad. 2000 JICA Islamabad 0.5
Installation of AC units &ATS panel for the Rehabilitation work Phase – I at Children Hospital PIMS Islamabad. 2002 Sanyo Engineering 12.5
Electrical work Lighting & Power for the Rehabilitation work Phase – I at Children Hospital PIMS Islamabad. 2002 Sanyo Engineering 8.0
Installation of 450KVA Generator and associated Electrical work for Japan Embassy – Islamabad. 2004-05 Sanyo Engineering 9.5
Extension & Renovation work for Children Hospital at Pakistan Instaute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad. 2004-05 Tobishima Corporation TBD
Renovation work for Swimming Pool at Japan Embassy Compound. 2005 Shinryo Corporation 3.5
Electrical Plumbing work including fabrication & Installation of new motorized sliding gates at Consular General residence – Karachi. 2005 Tobishima Corporation 4.6
Design Lighting System, Providing & Installation of Lighting system for Tennis Courts at Embassy of Japan Islamabad. 2005 Tobishima Corporation 10.5
Providing & Installation of Road Lighting system, including Power Distribution ( Transformers, Feeder Pillers, HV/LV Cables ) for Masood Road & Hospital Road at Mazar Sharif Afghanistan. 2005 Kitano Corporation 10.5
Electrical, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & associated civil work for Plastic Technology training centre at Karachi. 2005-06 Sanyo Engineering 30.00
Electrification work for Extension Project at Honda Motors Pakistan limited, at Lahore. 2006 Shimizu Izhar JV TBD
Upgrading substation equipment and adding new L.T Panel at Consulate of Japan – Karachi Installation of Incinerator including all Civil Work for Consulate of Japan at Karachi. 2006 Consulate General of Japan Karachi 0.7
Installation of Incinerator including all Civil Work for Consulate of Japan at Karachi. 2006 Consulate General of Japan Karachi 0.5
Electrical, Air-Conditioning,Plumbing, work for Environment Monitoring system Project in Islamabad. 2006 Tobishima Corporation TBD
Electrical and Mechanical work for Construction Machinery Training Institute at Islamabad. 2008 Tobishima Corporation TBD
The Installation of On-Grid Solar Power Generation System. 2011-2012 Tobishima Corporation 28.5
Renovation and upgrading of Visa Section Embassy of Japan Islamabad. TBD Sanyo Engineering TBD
Improvement of Water Supply System in Faisalabad. 2011 Tobishima Corporation 6.00
YKK Factory Phase-II, Karachi. Electrical & Mechanical Works. 2011-12 Sanyo Engineering 60.00
Teacher Training College Lahore, Electrical & Mechanical Works. 2012-13 Sanyo Engineering 45.00
Improvement of Water Supply System in Abbottabad. 2013-14 Tobishima Corporation 20.00
Yamaha Motor Company Factory, Karachi. 2014-15 Sanyo Engineering 160.00
Improvement of Child Health Institute. Construction Project in Karachi. 2014-15 Sanyo Engineering 100.00

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